Character creation

The procedure for creating characters for Kadyel is fairly straightforward. There is no random element.

Step One — Character Concept

The very first job a player has is creating a concept that will both be entertaining to play and fit the gamemaster’s campaign. There are many ways to come at this: browsing through artwork, flipping through this or any other anime roleplaying game, watching videos, or simply coming up with a core idea that can then be fleshed out.

Whenever possible, characters should be created together or at least through mutual input to ensure they’re at least basically compatible.

Step Two — Template

There are multiple intelligent races on Kadyel, each with its own unique abilities. It’s probably already obvious from the concept which race the character is from.

Step Three — Attributes

There are only three Attributes in Kadyel: Body, Mind, and Will. Body represents physical prowess and agility, Mind represents intellectual prowess and creativity, and Will represents magical prowess and charisma.

All Attributes start at 1. The number of points received depends on the Template chosen. It may be prudent to reserve spending one or more points, though you can always return here to adjust your choices during Step Four.

Step Four — Abilities

A character’s Template and Attributes define most of a default character’s game mechanics. Characters differ from this default with optional Abilities, qualities and powers found among some individuals but not all. Abilities have a specific cost in points that is deducted from the points alloted to Attributes.

A handful of Abilities have negative costs; these Abilities can be taken to increase the number of points you have to spend. You may only take one such “Ability.”

Step Five — Finishing Touches

Now is the time to answer any remaining questions about your character: name, appearance, apparent age, apparent gender, favorite clothing, and so forth. The most important thing to determine is personality, though you can expect your interpretation to grow and change over time.

If your character uses magic or has customizable powers, work up at least one or two “trademark” applications that you can draw on quickly in play. If you’re playing an Angel, decide on your energy blast and on what kind of object works with your telekinesis. If you’re playing a mage, decide on a few favorite spells and on your starting Spirits.

Unless your gamemaster tells you that your characters start out not knowing each other, think about your relationships as well. A quick discussion of what each character thinks of the others as well as what big issues divide them can really flesh out your portrayals once the campaign starts.

Character creation

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