Geography of Kadyel

Overall Kadyel would be considered a water world, as it contains no large landmasses and conducts long-distance travel by sea (or magic, or psionics). The largest islands are slightly bigger than Australia, though, and serve as the setting’s “main continents.”

The feel of Kadyel is Arcadia: beautiful rolling hills, verdant plains, small comfortable towns and colorful, idiosyncratic series. Areas of deep wilderness contain soaring peaks, forests of tall majestic trees with emerald carpets of moss, and rushing rivers.

Even among the general beauty of the world there are some extreme examples. Near the city of Aquarius (appropriately enough) there is a path into high hills leading to the perfect vantage point to view a quarter-mile-long waterfall from the mountains above. The city of Libra lies on a plateau with a long, steep drop into a strange desert valley containing scattered columns of smooth vertical stone, seemingly designed as a demonstration of geological strata. There is no known explanation for these phenomena besides the simple whim of Nature.


Geography of Kadyel

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