Running games on Kadyel

If you want to run your own, independent game on Kadyel, go ahead. I would ask that my Creative Commons license (found on the home page) be respected.

Guest Gamemasters

Running a session on Kadyel in my own campaign is a different story. I’d ask that the following rules be observed:

1. I will insist on playing and will provide my own player character.
2. None of the NPCs that I have created are used by anyone but me.
3. No meaningful changes are made to any location or major objects.
4. No development is made to overarcing plotlines.
5. No pop culture references are used (except those inherent in the setting).
6. No copywritten characters from other sources are used.
7. Every character, location, and object you use is entered into this wiki.
8. A log of the adventure is entered into this wiki.
9. After you run the session (or series of sessions comprising one adventure), everything you added to Kadyel is usable by both myself and anyone else running games in the future.

Running games on Kadyel

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